Did You Know a Majority of Applicants are Rejected Before Their Resumes are Read by a Person?

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We do more than just dump your law enforcement background into a nicely written word document. We identify your North Star for your second career. We help guide you to the “right” role and build a suite of products aimed at ensuring you have the best chance of success possible. We can do that because we are the only service of our kind. We are not only former law enforcement, but we are hiring managers in the private sector! We have “been there and done that!” So, our team combined with amazing Certified Resume writers create the perfect team to give you the best chance at getting noticed, understanding how to transition to the private sector, and overcome the common mistakes most make.

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is a type of software used by recruiters and employers to collect, sort, scan, and rank job applications. Nearly all employers use this sort of system. At My Transition Advisors, our Certified writers work to not only craft a suite of branding documents and online profiles to make you as marketable as possible to employers, but they help defeat the ATS.

We say it’s about Transition NOT Retirement ™. It’s also about investing in your future. Call or email us today about how we can help you.

Get From The Squad Room To The Board Room

With Our Services


Our coaches are former law enforcement professionals who are now active private sector hiring managers. They will help answer questions like “how to start the process of planning for a second career? What’s out there? How much can I make?” We have walked in your shoes. Let us help you set your “Career Transition North Star!”


Interview Preparation

Has it been years since you have interviewed for a job? Our coaches can prepare you to manage the phone screen, Zoom Video Interview, and in-person meetings that hiring managers require. Learn what to say and “what not to say” to improve your chances of moving forward as a candidate.


Resume Creation and Rebranding

We create the perfect resume to highlight you as a candidate to coincide with the type of role you want. We don’t just “dump” your experience into a nicely formatted document. Our writers are experts at writing to help defeat the ATS (applicant tracking system) often used to screen out resumes before a human ever reads it.


Cover Letter

We will create a customized cover letter to accompany any application and resume submission, so you stand out in the crowd.


Federal Resume Writing

We offer the best certified federal resume writing services for USAJOBS®, federal resume writing requirements such as KSA’s and USAJOB specific essays to demonstrate competency.


LinkedIn Profiles

We will provide a FREE assessment of your current LinkedIn profile and develop key content, customized LinkedIn background banner and provide a detailed “copy and paste” document for you to upload the perfect LinkedIn profile to brand yourself and grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.


Industry Immersion ™

Thinking about a second career in the security, investigations, business continuity, safety, or crisis management fields? Our experts will guide you on how to best position yourself in the industry to build your network and get noticed.

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Get From The Squad Room To The Board Room

With Our Packages

Transition Success Package ™: Squad Room to Board Room ™


1:1 personal Initial Transition Intake / Interview with one of our experts who is former law enforcement AND a corporate leader and hiring manager. They will get to know you, your background, skills, goals for your transition and help set a “north star” to target for your next career in the private sector.

my transition advisors 2nd career HQ about roles expert about Brian Reich at Facebook NYC
Brian Reich at Facebook NYC

Transition Document ™ Personalized document crafted from our intake session highlighting specific roles in the private sector we feel match your knowledge, skills, abilities, and goals. This document helps remove the “white noise” and confusion and questions you have such as “what’s out there?” “What am I qualified for?” It also is used by our Certified Resume Writer to pull keywords, skills, and requirements to craft your documents.

Professionally written resume incorporating key items from your Transition Document ™ to help you get noticed ahead of the pack. Created to help overcome as much as possible Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software.

Personalized and “targeted” cover letter that can be modified for each role you apply for. We write it and show you how to use it over and over again to improve your chances of success.

FREE LinkedIn profile assessment and Complete overhaul and re-write of your LinkedIn Profile.

NEW! Customized LinkedIn banner to really make you stand out and brand your best skills and value add to potential employers.


Second Career Executive Package ™


Includes all of the above  

PLUS we will work with you to identify roles and be available to discuss specific job opportunities you find to gauge if it’s the right fit, how to manage questions about compensation expectations. (1 year) 

Help you penetrate the Corporate Security and related industry organizations  and plug you into the right groups so you can build your network and personal brand with industry leaders and peers.  

Interview preparation, mock interview questions, and company overview reviews


A La Carte

Don’t want a whole package? We can create the perfect document or any combination of services just for you! Everyone is different, and we never do a “one size fits all,” so contact us for a free consultation  and we will discuss your needs and pricing.