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George Rosenthal
Chief Passaic County, NJ Sheriff’s Office (Ret)
“I think more people who are interested in retiring or transitioning out of the public sector should speak with My Transition Advisors to better understand how their skills translate! They are so much more than just resumes, they help you form a plan! “
Donnie Ingrasselino, MAP
Senior Director Threat Management TAO Group Retired Detective 1st Grade Bergen County NJ Prosecutor’s Office
“My Transition Advisors gave me the edge to find my dream job and give me the perspective of the private sector that I needed! They provided me with an amazing resume but set me on the course toward success! Best money I ever spent!!!”
James R. Waters
N.Y.P.D Chief of Counterterrorism, Retired
“My Transition Advisors provide highly professional support for a full suite of professional resources as I retired from public service. Brian and the whole team delivered individualized support at every step, beginning with a deep dive into my background through to finished products that I am proud of. Their expertise was integral as I prepared to communicate my public service and law enforcement accomplishments to transition into the private sector. I highly recommend their services.” James R. Waters
Steve Kerzman
Former Major Crimes Sergeant (West Coast, U.S)
Brian and his team provide individualized top-notch expertise at taking your law enforcement experience and communicating it in a way that translates into Corporate America. I was very impressed with the level of service, deep dive, and dialogue they provide to those transitioning out of the Public Sector.  I highly recommend their services particularly for those seeking that transition and next chapter.
Vincent Amadeo
Retired Lieutenant New York City Police Department, Counterterrorism
This team helped prepare me for the next chapter in my career. From coaching, interview preparation to writing a great resume. I wouldn't be where I am today without them.
Joseph Fulco
Chief of Detectives (Ret) Passaic County, NJ Prosecutor's Office
Brian & team brought unique personal experience & created a professional resume and updated my LinkedIn profile to reflect the career path I was pursuing.
Steven Hersem
Retired Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
They helped me to translate my leadership experience and risk management skills into private sector requirements. They also helped me focus my efforts on private sector roles I would excel at.
John Bass
Retired CIA Field Commander
My Transition Advisors were critical in mentoring me at every step of my journey from a life of public service to commercial business.

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